Business Presentation Components

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Business Presentation Components

  • The Business Plan – In the business plan section we talked about the various purposes of the business plan. Refer back to that section for guidance on preparing the business plan for investors. The important thing to remember is to format the business plan to appeal to specific investor interests. Particularly, you should spend a great deal of time on the executive summary. This may be the portion where an investor spends the most time reading. Further, you will need to include information about the financials and the underlying assumptions. Investors are interested in scalable businesses that have the possibility of delivering a desired return on investment. You financials should demonstrate this ability and your assumptions should back up these claims.
  • The Investor Presentation Deck – The investor presentation deck generally consists of a powerpoint or similar presentation. The information included on the slides should serve to answer an important question or provide some amount of critical information to the investor. You should not attempt to recite the entire business plan within the investor presentation
  • The Pitch – The investor pitch is delivering the presentation to the investors. Pitching is a form of public speaking and can take a variety of styles. Most importantly, you want to demonstrate enthusiasm, competence, and clarity when delivering the presentation material.

Below are information and tips about what should go into the business presentation material and additional advice on delivering that material. We will use the phase “business presentation” to collectively refer to the presentation material and the investor pitch.

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