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Associate in Information Technology – Definition

Associate in Information Technology (AIT) Definition

An Associate in Information Technology, also known as AIT refers to a designation for those professionals in the information technology settings. The AIT program has three-courses that cover the process in the insurance business. The course material for this program ranges covers the process in the insurance automation issues as well as the technical aspects.

A Little More on What is an Associate In Information Technology (AIT)

The Associate in Information Technology was previously known as the Associates in Automation Management” (AAM). The administration of the AIT designation is by the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). The award of the designation is done by the Insurance Institute of America (AAI) to those individuals who successfully complete the required three national examinations.

Who Requires the AIT Designation?

  • The Associate in Information Technology is for professionals working in the insurance industry and use information technology
  • The program is also fit for information technology employees who wish to advance their understanding of the use of technology in risk management

How Important is the AIT Designation?

The AIT designation is an indication that a person working has gained comprehensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Technology and Insurance Information
  • Hardware
  • Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Need Analysis
  • Databases and Information systems
  • Assuring Reliable and Secure IT Services
  • Agency and Company Interface
  • Organizing and Leading the IT Function
  • Communications, Networks, and Safeguards
  • Software
  • Interworking Infrastructure Knowledge
  • Service in the Insurance Industry and Internet Sales
  • Effect on Policy  Processing and Marketing Basics
  • Management System
  • Data Warehousing
  • Managing Diverse IT Infrastructure
  • Personal Technology
  • Managing IT Outsourcing
  • Technology in Underwriting and Claims

How does One Obtain the AIT Designation?

In order for an applicant to earn the Associate In Information designation, he or she must first successfully complete the required courses and examinations.

The Associate in Information Technology Course Requirement

A candidate looking forward to earning an AIT designation must successfully complete the following courses:

  • AIT 131- Essentials of Information Technology
  • AIT 131- Insurance Uses of Technology
  • AIT134- The Strategic Management of Information
  • AINS 24- General Insurance for Information Technology and Support Professionals

Associate in Information Technology Exam Details

The exam for each course takes about two hours, and they consist of 85 objective questions. Its administration is by use of a computer. As for the results, they are released as soon as a candidate completes his or her exam. The provision of the national exam is at designated local testing centers. It is available in two-month windows. They are as follows:

  • From January 15 to March 15
  • From April 15 to June 15
  • From July to 15 September 15
  • From October 15 to December 15

Note that the exam is not free, meaning that every applicant must pay exam fees. An applicant can directly contact the Prometric testing centers using this telephone number 800-266-3232 to help in scheduling his or her exams.

About AIT Ethics Requirement

Ethics is also a mandatory requirement for an individual to earn the AIT designation. So, for an applicant to obtain the designation, he or she must also pass the 50-question exam available in the Ethical Guidelines For Insurance Professionals in the form of an online module. The online module for ethics is free, meaning that an applicant does not pay for it.

However, if the applicant wishes to earn credits in CE, for passing the 50-question, and wants it reflected on the objective online exams, then he or she is required to make a payment of $5. The fee is for covering the administration costs.

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