1. Business Law Course Text

Business Law Course Text

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This text began with the objective of providing learning material to individuals who otherwise lack the means or resources to purchase more expensive text or video resources. Specifically, the purpose of this text was to ease the financial burden on college students taking business law courses. While maintaining this mission, the project quickly expanded into a comprehensive approach to teaching general business-law topics that lays the groundwork for a new model for higher education. Specifically, the text employs numerous pedagogical techniques to effectively transmit information to the lector. The methods of communication include text, video lectures, defined vocabulary, situational examples, discussion questions, practice questions with video explanation, appellate case references (briefs and recommended full-text cases), and content outlines. The text flips the traditional classroom teaching model by introducing the material in a fashion that reinforces the underlying learning objectives in multiple ways.

While this text has become a stand-along learning resource, it is most effective when used in conjunction with classroom discussion and lecture.

Pages: 655

Chapters: 25