1. Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Professional Development - Course Description

The professional development course provides useful information about business careers, the role of business education, networking, applying for jobs, negotiating employment, and acting professionally in an organization.

Entrepreneurship - Course Description

The entrepreneurship course provides a detailed understanding of entrepreneurship practice and procedure. It outlines the process for ideating, evaluating feasibility, marketing plan, operations plan, financial projections and budgeting, financing, business setup, ownership structure, and various other aspects of the entrepreneurial process.

Law - Course Description

The business law course provides a detailed overview of the major areas of law affecting business practice. This includes detailing the structure and authority of the legal system, as well as various areas of substantive law.

Communications - Course Description

The communications course provides a detailed view of the business communication process. It provides useful information and instruction on how to effectively communicate through multiple media or formats.

Negotiations - Course Description

The negotiation course provides an introduction to negotiation practice and procedure. It begins by explaining how to break down and frame up the various elements of a negotiation. It moves on to provide an understanding of the various constraints affecting the negotiation process.

Strategy - Course Description

(Under Development) – The business strategy course provides a basic introduction to what is business strategy.

Accounting - Course Description


Economics - Course Description


Finance - Course Description


Management - Course Description


Marketing - Course Description


Statistics - Course Description