Course Catalog

Overview: This material covers the primary topics taught within traditional business schools. The topics and material organized in a sequence that we believe is most suitable for learning to run a business.

Career Development & Professionalism

The material provides a basic introduction to concepts relevant to business career development and professionalism.

Law, Risk, and Transactions

The Law, Risk, and Transactions material provides an introduction to law, risk concepts, and business transactions.

Business Management & Operations

This Business Management Materials cover the core principles and concepts relevant to the practice of business management.

Accounting, Taxation, & Reporting

The Accounting, Taxation, and Reporting material explains the major concepts learning in financing and managerial accounting, taxtion, reporting, and auditing courses.

(Under Development)

Economics, Finance, & Analytics

The Economics, Finance, & Analytics material covers topics commonly taught in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Banking, Market Trading, and Research Analytics courses.

(Under Development)

Marketing, Sales, Advertising & PR

The Marketing, Sales, Advertising & PR material covers concepts generally taught in Markeitng, Sales, Advertising, and Public Relations Courses.

(Under Development)