1. FAQ


What is the The Business Professor website?

The Business Professor is the publishing trademark of Prof. Jason Mance Gordon.  TheBusinessProfessor.com is a website providing virtual access to a comprehensive text and video series on law and business.

How is this different from other websites or blogs?

Most blogs and websites provide cursory information about topics that are poorly organized and not comprehensive. For example, take a look at the SBA.gov website.  There is lots of good introductory information, but that information is poorly organized as a comprehensive learning site.  TheBusinessProfessor.com provides a high-level view of legal principals and a step-by-step guide through the entrepreneurship process. This site is a first of its kind because it incorporates text, video, and the ability to submit questions to The Business Professor.

How does The Business Professor site earn income?

This website is a non-profit and largely a labor of love. I am a college professor who enjoys helping anyone learn about and effectively undertake business practice. We use non-intrusive advertisements and the revenue from our book sales to maintain the site. When we individually provide paid consulting to businesses, we redirect a portion of these funds back to the non-profit to cover operating costs.

Does the Business Professor answer legal and business questions?

Say you have a general question that is not covered within our libraries.  You can submit a question through the Contact Us.  We will answer the question in general terms and place that answer within the appropriate library.  That way our other members can benefit from the advice.

Which lessons contain Video Lectures?

TheBusinessProfessor.com began with just text.  I recently constructed a recording studio and contracted to have our videos converted into short, simple, and easy-to-use lessons on the individual topics. I continue to add video lectures with the hope of adding a video lecture to each topic within all of our libraries. Give me time, have faith, and I’ll have a video lecture to explain everything.

How is this different than The Business Professor published books?

I publish additional (or sometimes the same) content in the form of traditional and kindle books. These books are available for those who are adverse to using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device to access their literature.

Can I access this website from my mobile device?

Yes.  TheBusinessProfessor.com allows anyone to view the content in it’s native format on desktop and has a responsive version of the website for better viewing on mobile devices.

Other Questions?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.