1. US Court System Course

US Court System Course

US Courts (Intro)

What is the authority for federal and state judicial systems?

What is the authority for courts that exist in the Article I, III, and IV Courts?

What are the types and authority of state courts?

What is Subject-Matter Jurisdiction?

What is Federal Court Subject-Matter Jurisdiction?

What is State Court Subject-Matter Jurisdiction?

Can a Federal trial courts hear state matters & vice versa?

Can a Federal appellate court hear federal matters & vice versa?

What is “Personal Jurisdiction”?

How to establish Federal Court Personal Jurisdiction?

How to establish State Court Personal Jurisdiction?

What is a “Long-Arm Statute”?


Who are the primary players in the state judicial system?

What types of judges are part of the judiciary?

What are the duties of trial judges in the legal system?

What are the duties of Appellate Judges & Justices?

How do cases arrive before appellate courts?

What is the role of “jurors” in the judicial system?

What number of jurors and juror votes are required for guilt or liability?

What do Attorneys do?

Who are the other players in the judicial system?

Theories of Judicial Review: Judicial Restraint vs. Judicial Activism