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Using Promissory Notes
agassi6060 agassi6060 1 year ago

What is a Promissory Notes Any commercial loan will require a debt instrument (known as a promissory note) evidencing the debt and outlining the obligations of the borrower to repay the funds. These… Read More

Overview of Financing a Business Venture
agassi6060 agassi6060 1 year ago

Overview of Financing a Business Venture Obtaining funds to establish, operate, and grow a business is an essential component of entrepreneurship. Surveys indicate that one of the greatest hurdles to… Read More

Organization of a Contract
agassi6060 agassi6060 1 year ago

How is a Contract Organized? Contracts vary in length, formality of language, etc. The main components of a contract are as follow: Preamble, Recital, Words of Agreement Definitions Action Se… Read More

Bowman's Clock
agassi6060 agassi6060 2 years ago

http://youtu.be/WtfhqvlqAmk Expanding Upon Porter Porter’s Generic Strategies have been the subject of considerable student and expansion since their introduction in 1985. One notable expansion was… Read More

50/50 Partnerships: Never a Good Idea
agassi6060 agassi6060 3 years ago

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to go in to business with your long-time associate.  You trust one… Read More




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bookcoverprintcontractsLearn the essentials of contract law as they affect business owners and managers.…
-JM Gordon,
Screenshot 2014-12-29 21.26.31Understand the important characteristics of the most common business entities.…
-JM Gordon,
Book Cover 2Learn to draft a business plan specifically oriented to growth-based ventures. …
-JM Gordon,
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